Upcoming Auctions


Bank Ordered Real Estate Auction

3 Warehouses – Walt’s Furniture and Appliances


Thursday April 23rd 11 AM

Springfield, Georgia



Waterfront Home Real Estate Auction

4,000 s.f. Low Country Home, 5  Acres on the water

Saturday May 2nd 11 AM

Richmond Hill, Georgia



City of Rincon

Surplus Real Estate Auction

56+/- Acres

Rincon, Georgia
Effingham County




If you have real estate or an estate with real property, construction equipment or trucks, and
would like more information on the auction method of marketing please call (912) 826-7676.

Since 1993, Maier Auctions has assisted thousands of clients, we are experts at selling commercial and industrial assets. Our proven advanced method of auction marketing programs enable us to consistently match buyers and sellers to bring our clients the absolute highest return on investment possible.
If you have real estate or a fleet of equipment and you’re behind on payments or are about to be foreclosed on, Maier Auctions can help. We will either bring your payment arrears current or pay off your note. We’ll then make any improvements your property or fleet needs in an effort to present it in a professional manner to sell at public auction.
The experienced staff at Maier Auctions have been valuing assets since 1993. Every month we assist with the appraisal and or sale of over 1,000 items of industrial type equipment. We’re in touch with the market because we’re right in the middle of it. And as licensed and active Real Estate Brokers we can tell you the value of your real property.