Real Estate


Maier Auctions offers real estate brokerage services and a variety of auction processes to help improve the quality of your real property assets.  We specialize in property analysis, marketing, and disposition of all types real estate and leasehold properties. Whether your property is desirable or distressed, in or out of bankruptcy Maier Auctions can plan and implement the right solution for your real estate needs.

Types of Property Types of Sales
* Commercial Real Property Auctions
* Industrial Note (Mortgage) Auctions
* Office Leasehold Sales
* Retail Portfolio Auctions
* Multi-Family Private Treaty Sales
* Agricultural Accelerated Listings
* Recreational Sealed Bid Auctions
* Residential Live Webcast Auctions
* Waterfront Internet Auctions


Maier Auctions is a full-service Real Estate firm ready to assist you with the sale of your real property. Our professional staff has the depth of knowledge and experience to help you obtain the best value for your property.

Maier Auctions tailors each auction event to our clients and their properties. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with our many services, some of which include:

Live Onsite Auctions

Traditional Onsite Auctions are still extremely effective at bringing all the bidders together to the subject property and conducting the auction onsite. Properties are evaluated for feasibility of venue and sales locations.

Multi-Property Auction
Auctions with multiple properties and multiple owners are regularly conducted and is a great way to sell your property at a well-advertised event. Marketing campaigns will be designed to sell your property at the most cost effective means available. Contact Maier Auctions to add your properties to one of these upcoming sales.

Multi-Parcel Land Auctions

When considering the sale of large tracts of land, Maier Auctions considers all potential options to maximize the results. Maier Auctions works to reallocate boundaries to create more competitive bidding tracts. Bidders have the option to purchase small tracts or to acquire the entirety. For example, an 850 Acre Property was redrawn to create 15 smaller more competitive tracts. At the auction we had five purchasers for a variety of tracts.

Multi-Property Ballroom Style Auction
“Ballroom Auctions” are conducted where Maier Auctions will sell multiple properties for one or more clients, at one location, such as a ballroom or gallery. Properties are displayed on large High Definition screens and the bidders are seated in a gallery format. Maier Auctions has conducted auctions with up to 137 properties at one sales event.

Live Webcast Auctions
With the web offering bidders to participate around the world, Maier Auctions is using the Internet to bring buyers and sellers together in the busy world. Bidders can place bids 24/7 from the comfort of their home or business.

Sealed Bid Auctions

This process is used for properties that may have limited interest. The same aggressive marketing program is implemented, cooperating brokers are welcome and property inspections are performed by buyers. Bids are submitted to Maier Auctions in a sealed and confidential format.

Brokerage – For Sale
As an essential part of our evaluation of your property, Maier Auctions will determine if listing your property For Sale may be a better alternative than an auction. Maier Auctions is a licensed real estate brokerage firm. As members of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), Maier Auctions not only promotes your property through a multitude of advertising programs but places all properties on MLS. Our strategic alliance Maier Auctions to take for sale properties and market them through over 30 websites including the local MLS. Our team uses traditional list and sell techniques alongside Maier Auctions proven marketing strategies to get your property sold.

Note Sales
In difficult economic environments, Note Sales have become a very important and efficient way to convert delinquent non-accrual accounts to cash.


What to do next? Many of our clients are faced with the question – What to do with my property in an environment where there are multiple properties on the market. From large land tracts to condominium complexes, from estate properties to office buildings, we can help.